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Workshop "Digital storytelling: the digitized story"
Any modern research and scientific activity implies concluding a social pact between "scientist" and potential "audiences": one must know how to present surveys and their results publicly. And if there is no public – it should be created.

Nowadays digitalization tendencies expand that range of functional requirements for experts and analytics. Public representation now must be performed equally successfully with both offline and online tools – at least for the purposes of setting more democratic access to knowledge.

As a way of storytelling in digital environment, longread combines the most advanced tools and inherits traditional typographic principles. Nowadays contemporary longread format adapts to the needs of creators and content consumers, particularly, there are also scientific longreads that allow to reject traditional texts in favor of dynamic, interactive and readable stories.

Master-class "Scenarios of using media technologies: participate, don't consume!"

Our success in the modern world depends on how we use network technologies. You still think that the Internet is nothing but new possibilities of communication and social networks is the best achievement of digital revolution? Perhaps, we should think of how to use the network for implementing our own ambitious ideas that can change the world?

On our master-class we will talk about existing concepts of active and responsible online user and will also present the examples of modern accessible techniques of project, team and content management. We will show that new media offer a variety of tools to accelerate the changes which a modern person simply has to use.